Bespoke and Boutique NLP Coaching Training

Coaching has become an essential set of tools, not just for those who want to become professional coaches, but for people who want to use coaching methods within their current roles and add to the skill set. The majority of people who attend the Coaching course are not professional coaches but those that want to use coaching as a function, include HR professionals, Learning and Development teams, managers and business owners.

Matt Caulfield was the first person the UK to offer Society of NLP certified NLP coaching training in 2006.

Premier NLP Coaching Package For Small Groups and Organisations

This is a complete NLP Coaching programme that teaches you from scratch to be a powerful coach. It combines two of the most powerful tools for change currently available to deliver the skill set you need to really help people make powerful changes in their lives.

There is no comparison. This course conforms to the most rigorous international standards. Over 150 hours of classroom learning plus case studies. Packed full of practical exercises you will be creating change from the moment you start. Don’t be fooled by a name, the Society of NLP Licensed Coach of NLP is more rigorous and robust than other so called “NLP Master Coach” trainings.

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Coaching Foundations

This course is open to anyone that is interested in learning about Coaching and how to use coaching skills to get results. It will teach you some of the core models of Coaching, including the GROW Model and The Wheel of Life. It assumes no prior knowledge and teaches you the core skills you need to be an effective Coach.

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Coaching Applications of NLP

As an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner you will already hold some of the most powerful skills to create change possible, by combing this with coaching principles you can become an excellent and flexible facilitator of change.

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PLEASE NOTE: In order to attend this training you need to have completed a recognised NLP Master Practitioner training or above and have completed the Coaching Foundations Course

Private Tuition in Caoching Skills

Private tuition is a bespoke approach to coaching and designed to offer you the skills you need. It maybe that you wnat to apply coaching principles to your current role or maybe you already coaching and want to revise or deepen your skills?