High Performance Coaching

I have been running a one-to-one NLP coaching Practice since 2001. I work as a professional high performance coach, and do one to one tuition for people who cannot or don’t want to attend an NLP training course. I also work with NLP Professionals as a mentor and supervisor. One-to-one sessions are one of the best ways to learn and prfect your NLP skills.. Whether that is dealing with a specific issue or in a broader learning and planning process.

High Performance Coaching

High perfomance coaching is about working with people who are alreadty performing well, but want to perform better. This includes; business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and executives and professional sports people.

High performance coaching is not about telling you what to do or giving you all the answers, it is about giving you a better quality of question. I work with you to uncover blocks and help you develop strategies to succeed in your goals.

I specialise in accelerated skills acquisition – speed learning strategies and behavioural design. What does this mean? I have a particular set of skills that we can sue to tap into your potential and vastly accelerate your learning curve. You will become proficient on skills in much less time than otherwise possible.

Mentoring and Supervision

I work with NLP Professionals to help them hone their skills and abilities. This can be anyone from an established NLP Professional who wants supervision or someone just starting out. It can be specific advice about using NLP or guidance in setting up your own NLP Practice.

PLEASE NOTE: I am a coach not a therapist. If you are looking for NLP for therapeutic intervention, I may not be the best person for you.

The Specifics

More details about the structure, costs and terms are below.


Structure of the sessions depends entirely on the needs of the individual. Because of this sessions can be very different for each person.

You will  be given tasks and exercise to practice outside of the sessions (don’t worry, it is not like homework, they will be fun and easy I promise!).

It is best for people to learn NLP, that they commit to a series of sessions in advance. So after the first initial session (to make sure this suits you) you book a block of sessions at a time.


Sessions are about 45 minutes to an hour or until an appropriate place seems to be reached (whichever is shorter). Longer or shorter sessions can be booked at any one time if it seems appropriate.


Sessions can be face-to-face, or if you cannot attend face-to-face sessions they can be arranged by phone or over the internet (via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom). I have coached people from all around the world via email, telephone and skype.

For face-to-face session I run a regular clinic at:

R and R Consulting Centres
41 St Isan Road
CF14 4LW

I can also arrange sessions in Birmingham, West Midlands. I will arrange sessions in other areas but, unfortunately, I will have to charge more for travel and time etc.

Sometimes it can be appropriate to meet in alternative venues or more casual places like a coffee shop for example.


Investment in these sessions start  at £175 + VAT for a one off session. If a block of sessions is booked, as discount is given.

Sessions can be paid for by cash or credit card at the time of the session. Credit Card payments can be made via PayPal (payment is required before the start of the session, please contact me for details).


  • Failure to attend a session without reasonable notice will be charged at full rate and a second session will rarely be offered (sorry, but I do have a lot of timewasters and people messing me around, so I have gotten very strict on this).
  • Payments cannot be refunded
  • Receipts or Proforma invoices can be supplied on request


I think of myself like any other professional service, such as an accountant or lawyer, just because you are not specifically using them doesn’t mean they are not there for you. I keep your file “open” indefinitely and at any time in the future, if you want to contact me for further sessions, “top ups” or just a chat please feel free.

Confidentiality & Insurance

Client confidentially is assured at all times. I act fully in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. In addition to an initial questionnaire, I may write some notes immediately after a session, these are then stored securely. The nature of the information would be that of factual short notes or ‘memory joggers’ for future reference, and would be designed in a way to assist if further sessions are required. The client has full access to view these notes if they desire.

I hold full Professional Liability Insurance.